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A liquid facelift is a funny term, not really a facelift at all. What this is a marketing term which is used to include having multiple non surgical procedures such as botulism toxin and some fillers to make a face look younger. It does work even if very temporary.

liquid facelift hawaii

Liquid facelifts Hawaii work well.

In fact these procedures work rather well as far as non surgical procedures are concerned. In some cases it can make a person look 5 years younger or in very rare cases even younger. This may require almost the same cost as a mini surgical facelift however.Yet its important to understand these procedures require sophistication and complete understanding of the procedures and what is possible.

The combination of these fillers, botulism toxins and even some other products can do is fill in the wrinkles or eliminate some of the dynamic wrinkles. The dynamic wrinkles are those caused by motion of the muscles, thus the paralytics like Botox, Dysport or Xeoman will do that when injected. The fillers ranging from Juviderm, Rsytelene, Sculptra and Radieese are used to fill in various facial areas.

Two Important aspects must be understood about "liquid facelift"

Two things happen with the fillers which must be used in certain areas and not others depending on which one and the effect your trying to receive. First is the direct filler effect, that is filling in a depression like under the eyes. This direct effect can be seen withe the no longer noticeable "dent". The second more important effect is what happens with reflective light. When the area of the "dent or wrinkle " is filled in light reflects differently. This gives the person a "glow of youth".

Every doctor is now a cosmetic surgeon ! Well not really but it seems more and more are getting into the act for financial rewards since the insurance industry is paying doctors such a low fee these days. This "liquid facelift " may be done much more safely than a traditional face lift. Yet the problem is when a doctor is not a surgeon they may only give you the option of a non surgical lifting procedure. This may not be in your best interest and may not obtain the results you desire.

Liquid Facelift Hawaii at the Infinity life Center

In complete beauty center like the Infinity Life Center where we have non surgical and surgical plastic surgeons who are fully trained, we feel we can offer you the complete package of choices. Not true with the family doctor who is doing Botox and had a weekend course. Surgery in the long run may actually save you money and time to have a surgical lift since all of the non surgical remedies have to be repeated every 4 -8 months. That can get cost quite a bit over the years.

We by no means think or push anyone to surgery with its inherent risk and perform the non-surgical options frequently. This will depend on the results you want, what is realistic and factors such as how much improvement you want. This can be very complicated decisions and its best to be made with a fully trained team who has experience in both surgical and non surgical improvements of the face.

Our initial consultations for cosmetic procedures are with out charge so that you can get a full view of all of the options and discuss your concerns, your budget and what you want to accomplish. So call us today an make an appointment at the Infinity Life Center Honolulu Hawaii.

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Infinity Life Center accepts the CareCredit Healthcare credit card. Click on the link below to apply online now. Mininum accepted is 1000.00 purchase.

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We also accept major credit cards.

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