Otoplasty Complications

Otoplasty Complications

Otoplasty technically is when plastic surgery is done on the ear, although most commonly is ""ear pinning". That is when the ears stick out in an attractive manner. The ear itself is a rather interesting structure since it has a very unique shape and purpose. Its remarkably consistent structure from human to human but does have its share of issues. The unique cartilage structure covered with tightly adherent skin when damaged can be difficult to repair. Just look at all of those such as boxers who have some repeated trauma with califlower ear.

Complications of Otoplasty are uncommon today, though like any surgical procedure they can occur. The type of complication you may see will depend on what type of otoplasty is carried out. The more complex the procedure the more likely there will be a complication. The less complicated the procedure less likely you will have an otoplasty complication.

We will talk about the "ear pinning" since that is what is a very common procedure and what we do to prevent the complications.

  • Seroma Formation in Otoplasty
  • Seroma formation is a fluid buildup between the skin and the cartilage. This can actually result in cauliflower ear. We place compression on the ear after surgery which prevents the fluid buildup and if it occurs we drain it quickly. This complication is rare.

  • Infection
  • Any tissue after surgery can become infected so we place our patients on anti-biotics prior to surgery and we found that this almost 100% eliminates this complication.

  • Re-Occurance of ears that stick out
  • Our surgical technique is very precise and we actually remove some of the offending cartilage which prevents this. Some standard accepted techniques do not remove the cartilage but fold it over it with stitches on the inside. If the stitch breaks then the ear can stick out again. Our technique has not had a re-occurance. We also have our patients where a head band to help the ear heal in its new position.

  • Asymmetry meaning uneven ears
  • This can occur with one ear not the same as the other as far as sticking our or other variations. By using precise measurements and a good artistic eye this can be prevented though at times may occur. A simple revision surgey typically will correct complications.

  • Other Complications of Otoplasty
  • Although there are many complications the ones above are the most common though any compication is rare. The others are so rare that they are hardly worth mentioning. However you will be informed of even the most rare complication at your consultation.

    We at the Infinity Life Center maintain the highest standards and do all that is possible to prevent complications. We are also very good at fixing bad Otoplasties as well unsatisfactory results. So why not come in for a consultation which is without charge for a initial cosmetic consultations. We enjoy speaking about Otoplasty and share our expertise.

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