Problems with Cosmetic Eyelids Surgery

Are you unhappy with your eyelid surgery maybe we can help. Our surgeons are very experienced in revision of eyelid surgery and correcting previous problems.


Ectropian, eyelid retraction and other over done eyelid surgery problems.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery generally turns out just fine and people are happy with their eyelid surgery. Unfortunately, there are problems with eyelid surgery that can happen at any time during and after the procedure. The factors leading to an unsatisfactory surgical outcome include poor quality of the tissues that just don’t heal right, smoking, variations in your anatomy, too aggressive of a surgery, unexplained reactions to surgery that was otherwise technically correct, an untrained surgeon, and choosing a surgeon who disagrees with your aesthetics.

Eyelid Surgery Specialist

Even good surgeons that know what they’re doing can have problems with eyelid surgery. You may need to get a second opinion from another surgeon so that you can be sure the surgeon has done the right thing. Most cosmetic surgeries can be repaired to look better if the outcome isn’t what you were expecting.

Infection Risks

Infection is one of the unexpected problems with eyelid surgery that can occur in anyone. It can occur on the eyelids or around the eyelids. Usually antibiotics take care of it and the outcome is good. Bleeding that is excessive after eyelid surgery can result in a hematoma or blood clot within the eyelid. You can get bleeding in the fat pads and in the orbicularis oculi muscles. The wound can separate in eyelid surgery. This can happen in the few days following stitch removal. If it is small, it will close on its own. A larger split in the surgical area may need resuturing. It usually doesn’t affect the appearance of the surgery but it may widen the suture site.

Tiny milia or white cysts can develop along the suture line. Most go away without treatment but some may need to be lanced or scraped out if they are large and stubborn.

Asymmetrical Appearance

The eyelids can look different from one another, giving an asymmetrical appearance of the eyelids. One eyelid may look more or less wrinkled from another after the surgery or the brows can look different from one another. There can be more fat left in one eyelid from another. If it looks as though the asymmetry is going to persist, then the doctor needs to correct the problem by fixing at least one eye so it looks like the other.

Not enough skin may be removed in the eyelid surgery. This is called under-correction of the eyelid, which is a problem but is better than over-correction of the eyelids. There may be mild hooding left over from having the eyelid surgery done and there may be drooping of the eyebrow from under-correction. There can be excess skin occurring in the medial aspect of the eye, which is usually related to a droop of the forehead that was not treated at the time of the surgery. An eyebrow surgery is then needed to correct the problem.

Too much skin removed may result in problems with eyelid surgery that are hard to correct. The eyes might not close properly after this kind of surgery or there can be excessive blinking of the eyelid during sleep. It can look like the palpebral fissure is too wide so the person has eyelid retraction. The lower lid can pull away from the eyelid in a condition known as ectropion. This is difficult to treat but their are solutions which can help.

We at the Infinity Life Center have experienced plastic surgeons which can deal with problems you may have had with your eyelid surgery. This may included many issues ranging from dry eye to ectropian. If you are unhappy with your eyelid surgery you may want a second opinion. Our surgeons are happy to evaluate your condition.

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