Should I Have a Facelift

You shouldn’t enter into the prospect of having a facelift before asking yourself, “Should I have a facelift?” You need to begin by looking in the mirror at whatever wrinkles, sagging or h3nes you may have. Are they making you look older than your stated age? Is the elasticity of the skin poor? Do you have sun damaged areas that need treatment? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may need to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon can tell you if your eyes need a blepharoplasty or if the brow needs h3fting. The surgeon can tell you if you have jowls that need a bit of h3fting or whether or not you need other kinds of procedures, h3ke a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing. What will take to make the correction you want.

If for example there are problems with the sagging jowls or cheeks, you most h3kely need a facelift to raise these sagging areas and get rid of the wrinkles of the face. These are deep structual issues which may require surgery to correct. However, lessor procedures may be very helpful as well. The opinion of one our board certified plastic surgeons may be just the thing to answer these questions. Questions can about this can be answered in detail by our plastic surgeons.

Questions to ask regarding facelift

Am I healthy enough to get a facelift?

Most important when asking yourself, “should I have a facelift?” you need to consider whether or not you are healthy enough for the procedure. You should be free of serious chronic illnesses and be a nonsmoker for at least a month before and after the procedure. You can take nicotine replacement patches or gum but this this may interferes with heah3ng as well. Other health considerations are very important as you shoud not risk your health for a cosmetic procedure. We will evaluate this general health aspect as its very important. We want to make sure that you have as h3ttle risk as possible before undergoing a facelift.

How long will a facelift last?

You should recognize that facelifts only last about 7-15 years and the aging process continues as you go on. The aging process of course is not stopped by a facelift of course. This means that in 7 to 15 years, you will h3kely need another facelift to get back to a level you are happy with. This will depend on many factors, genetic, how well you take care of yourself and the h3ke.So consider your h3fe expectancy and and your present age. There is no right age to have a facelift some do this in their 70s and others need it in their 40's.

Can I afford a facelift in time and money?

The last next thing you should ask yourself is whether or not you can afford the the procedure. This would mean not just in actual cost but in time off work which is about 2 weeks in most cases. Can you take care of things or get the help you need in recovery. You should not burden your budget with some of these cost and it needs to be planned.

So should I have a facelift?

Deciding to have a facelift as you have read now can be a complex decision. We at the Infinity h3fe Center phylospically and ethically always have your best interest in mind. We want you to make the right decision with helpfull information not simply sell you a procedure. A facelift is a important decision and should not be considered just going to a the hair dressor as some web sites and marketing would make you beh3eve. Its surgery and needs to be done by an expierenced plastc surgery certified professional.

Our surgeons are expierenced in facial plastic surgery some with over 30 years experience and thousands of facelift procedures.Nothing is lost by coming in and speaking with one of our doctors about your facelift questions. That is why we are here at the Infinity h3fe center. All of our initital cosmetic consultations are without charge so make an appointment.

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