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Sports medicine is a vague term encompassing many things. The most important aspects of sports medicine include pre-participation physical examinations (PPE’s), training room injury assessments, on-field event coverage, and high-yield injury prevention, such as ACL tear management and prevention. PPE’s are done before each athletic season and tend to rehash old injuries that could become a problem. They also uncover diseases the patient may not have known they have. Some common examples include blood testing for sickle cell anemia and cardiac screening for an enlarged heart (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). Knowledge of these diseases for a physician is crucial. With this knowledge, the sports physician can be fully prepared for any catastrophe and also notify coaches and trainers to be prepared as well. Our sports and orthopedic medicine physicians at Infinity Life Center can be there.

Call for an Infinity Sports Physician in the training room

In the training room, any athlete can have an appointment and present with the injury they just sustained during a recent game or practice. They are then monitored and rehabilitated by athletic trainers until the next visit. Sports physicians and athletic trainers and our Infinity Sports Physicians work hand in hand in many ways, and this may be the most important. Injuries can be prevented due to this method of care. As example,a patient may have a knee ligament strain, possibly an ACL. Since the athlete presented with early symptoms, a complete tear can be prevented through various methods of activity modification and rehabilitation. After a complete tear of the ACL, average time it takes a patient to return to sport at 100% is 54 weeks becuase the care was instituted early. During healing and rest after surgery, the muscles on the same side as the ACL tear tend to break down or atrophy. A long term rehabilitation process is initiated to resolve that issue. Periodical thigh measurements and Biodex balance assessments allow the Infinity medical staff to assess how well the patient is progressing and how quickly they can return to play.If a sports physician from Infinty is there from the beginning the best outcome of injuries can be promised.

Sports Physician on the Field or at the event.

On-field event coverage is another important aspect of sports medicine. During high-risk and high-contact sports such as football, hockey, boxing, and mixed martial arts, a sports physician is usually on-site to take care of any medical emergencies. Sports physicians are trained to assess head and neck trauma and spine board an athlete if indicated. Other medical emergencies include a patient collapsing due to heat exhaustion/stroke, cardiac or pulmonary arrest, sickle cell crisis, vision or hearing loss due to trauma, or anaphylactic allergic reactions. This is why what a sports physician keeps in his or her bag is so important. Although the emergencies are not common, one must be prepared with all of the supplies to handle any emergency. Also, using the knowledge from the PPE of the athlete can aid the sports physician to properly diagnose the athlete so there is no guessing going on in time of emergency. Every aspect of sports medicine can be associated together in some way, thus, a sports medicine physician must account for them all in order to be competent and efficient. Our sports medicine and orthopedic medicibe physicians are availble for your team, events in Hawaii at very affordable cost so give us a call today.

Call our fellowship trained sports physician to be at your next atheletic event.

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