Back Pain Doctors Honolulu Hawaii

Back Pain Doctors Honolulu Hawaii

Lets keep this simple. You have back pain a common problem, some its just plain irritating when trying to lead a normal life, others it can be disabling. You just want to enjoy a little physical activity and the like but can't perhaps. You have tried a few things maybe they work , some work a little, some not at all. So you go to the internet and look around. Back pain solutions are everywhere and maybe that is why you found us.? Do you need surgery, chiropractic , physical therapy or just pain medications. What should you do and where to start?

Keeping back pain treatment simple.

As stated lets keep it simple, there are so many options all clinics claiming to have the best treatments. So here at the Infinity Life Center we try to offer many options, but more important, we try to help you manage these options. We help you choose from the many out there. That all starts with an accurate diagnosis of back pain. The first step is to understand exactly what is causing your back pain. To arrive at a specific accurate diagnosis we employ common methods such as xrays , cat scans and MRI's, but more important before being shipped off to an imaging center we use a very detailed history and physical exam. Then we decide on imaging if needed. You may already have imaging from another back pain doctor, if so we will review that as well. The main point is our back pain doctors will take all the time needed to find the right solution for you.

Simple solutuions for back pain.

  • We are all about finding the least invasive and least complicated treatment that will work for you. This is progressive treatments. Starting with the simplest treatment and advancing as needed to next level. Perhaps simple massage or manual therapy hands on will be enough. If not we may move to injection thearpies , ultrasound treatments and Osteopathic manipulations. The point is we have the full range of treatments here at with our back pain doctors and staff. The last resort is surgery but if it is needed will advise you of that and how best to prepare.
  • back pain doctors honolulu hawaii

    Partial list of causes of back pain.

  • Spondylolysis
  • A fracture of vertabrae or a part of the vertabrae coming off the side of the body
  • Cervical radiculopathy
  • This is a nerve impingement from the neck area
  • osteoarthritis of spine
  • Like elsewhere this can be simply worn out or traumatized joints of the spine.
  • Muscle Strain sprain of the back
  • Maybe too much activity or stress from athletic activity
  • Kyphosis or scoliosis
  • Abnormal curvatures of the spine causing stress to the joints

    Our back pain doctors are well trained to handle many of these conditions and this list is only limited we could write a list pages long but you get the idea. Again the main point is to realize that we can treat most back pain conditions and are options for treatment are almost as many.

    So don't give up on your back pain , we are here to help. Just give us a call or fill out the contact form to start to find a solution for your back pain today.

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