Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain Treatment Honolulu Hawaii

Knee pain is common among elderly , athletes and seen in work related injuries. These range from acute injuries such as fractures to chronic conditions such as arthritis. Chronic knee pain may remain after suffering such condition. So what does one do besides see doctor after doctor trying to find the right treatment for relief ?

At the Infinity Life Center we have a range of knee pain treatments. Of course the treatment chosen will depend on what the exact diagnosis is and what has been tried before. Our knee pain treatments are state of the art including a full range of non surgical options. Our doctors are well trained board certified specialist with experience pain management and regenerative medicine skills and expertise.

Knee Pain Treatment at Infinity Life Center

This may include single treatments to a combination of treatments such as:

  • Osteopathic Manual Medicine Techniques
  • This is a hands on knee pain treatment in which the doctor may manually manipulate the joint to realign or otherwise affect the basic structures.

  • Injection with anti inflammatory steroids
  • Such injections into then joint to reduce inflammation and pain with a corticoid steroid is used in many conditions though we feel long term injections may defeat the purpose.

  • Exercises and physical therapy
  • Physical therapy may be prescribed to strengthen the muscles or increase range of motion to the knee.

  • Prolothearpy knee treatment.
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    This can be used to stimulate a regenerative effect to the damaged tissue or strengthen tendons or ligaments.

  • Non narcotic pain management
  • Our doctors will work with you to find the proper dose, type of medication to relieve your knee pain without addictive narcotics.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Injections
  • This regenerative technique we use often in our clinic to help patients with various muscle skeletal derrangements including on the knees and surrounding tissues.

  • Advanced Stem Cell Treatments
  • Our physicians are very skilled in harvesting the stem cells and utilize them to hopefully regenerate tissue or modulate the pain - inflammatory cycle. Three of our physicians are regularly going to Korea and China as speakers and instructor for stem cell symposiums and meetings.

  • Natural healing and nutritional methods.
  • These enhance the effects of other treatments reducing inflammation, providing natural nutritional support for healing and to effect changes.

  • Bracing
  • Athletes are very familiar with athletic braces and tapings which we have in our center a Board Certified Sports medicine specialist who deals with athletes injured providing support.

  • Knee replacement surgery or other knee surgery
  • If the condition warrants as a last resort, we may refer you to an orthopedic knee surgeon for surgical care.

    Holistic Patient Care

    What ever knee pain treatment plan is decided upon rest assured we will do our best to help you find the right treatment or combinations of treatments which work. We at the Infinity Life Center believe in a muti-specialty approach and holistic care of our patients. Call us for an easy appointment or fill out the contact form on the right upper side of this page.

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