Prolotherapy For Hip Pain
prolotherapy for hip pain

Prolotherapy for Hip Pain Honolulu Hawaii

Prolotherapy for hip pain is an indicated treatment which has gained wide acceptance and provided benefit to many patients. There are many techniques available that we use at the Infinity Life Center. We individualize these techniques depending on various factors surrounding your hip pain, previous injections and the like.

Initial Consultation for Hip Pain Prolotherapy.

First step of our team under the leadership of Dr. Farz, our non surgical orthopedic and sports medicine specialist is to conduct a consultation , a detailed history and physical examination. If you have x-rays or other imaging studies please bring them to your initial consultation. This will help us to arrive at a diagnosis , review what others have done so we may present treatment options. Each individual has different factors which affect their hip pain and not all patients or pains are alike. That is why we take a very individual holistic approach with each patient in our hip prolotherapy protocols.

Imaging for Prolotherapy for Hip Pain

We may decide with you to use ultrasound guided injection or without. Our imaging consist of advanced ultrasound inaging if needed. We see no need for c-arm and radiation exposure for the hip joint except in very rare occasions.

Solutions for Hip Prolotherapy.

The solutions we use may be simple organic substances such as saline ( salt water solution) dextrose of the same formulation found naturally.We also have customized formulas for injection of the hip. This will all be decided after examination. At the Infinity Life Center these can range from platelet rich plasma or various medications. Additionally, we have adjutant IV vitamins/nutrients antioxidants as after treatment which some people feel it helps as well to reduce inflammation and help with regeneration - healing.

Programs for Hip Prolotherapy at Infinity Life Center Hawaii

We are a team of physicians and regenerative medicine specialist who will use all at our disposal to bring relief to you for your hip pains. This includes the option if your a candidate to be entered into our Stem cell program with the Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center well known in the Islands. The typical prolo patient will have several treatments some on a regular basis to continue the pain relieve. The hip pain prolotherapy programs are individualized depending on your response and outcome.

You will find our team easy to work with, take a sincere interest in your care and pain free outcome. So give us call or contact us by using the contact form on this page. Our promise is to do all we can to make sure your a happy patient of Infinity Life Center.

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