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Orthomolecular therapy is based on application of substances which naturally occur in the body. These are theroized to bring about positive changes in the body. Much of this is common sense, eat right and be well. Orthomolecular experts feel that large pharmacological dose of certain vitamins, minerals and proteins give the added benefit of curing some diseases as well as enhance traditional medical treatments.

Such diet changes as :

  • Including blueberries or Acai Berries and the like for their strong anti-oxidant effects.
  • Increase intake of Almonds for cancer prevention.
  • Other specific fruits & grains which have natural healing properties.
  • Examine Natural Sources Of Vitamins (in this case Vitamin A) Barley grass, butter, cabbage, carotenoids (plant origins, converted to A by the body), carrot root, egg yolk, fish, gotu kola, liver, retinol (ready made A, animal origin, alcohol form), retinyl palmitate (ester form of retinol, ester is preponderant in fish liver oils), spirulina, whole milk.

Orthomolecular Therapy

Aside from specific diet changes , orthomolecular proponents believe strongly in IV therapies such as 50 grams of IV Vitamin C or other super nutrients given IV. It is thought that these mega doses given intravenously penetrate all tissues to some degree, which is not possible through eating or taking oral supplements. It is important to note that neither the FDA nor some medical authorities feel such mega dosing of Vitamins is helpful. We do know that some vitamins and minerals can indeed be harmful. This is why such practice of Orthomolecular medicine should be under the supervision of a health care professional. At the Infinity Life Center you will always be medically monitored and close supervion of any IV therapies for Orthomolecular therapies used.

What is possible for Orthomolecular therapy? You should do your own research and bring to our atttention any articles of what you read and would like to try. We are open to many therapies which are not harmful and safety is our number one concern. We work with all patients and help them direct their care.

Therapy may consist of:

  • Detailed laboratory analysis
  • Adminstration of high dose Vitamins (such as Vitamin C)
  • IV nutrient suppliments such as zinc, which is involved in no less 100 enzymatic processes
  • Reccomendations of certain oral suppliments & nutraceuiticals

The primary goal in a program of Orthomolecular medicine is to treat with naturally occurring substances which are found in then body. This ranges from IV B12 to glutathione orally, all is dependent on what is being treated. Each program or IV is different as to what is the goal of therapy.

The list above shows only a very few types of dietary elements, IV therapies involved in Orthomolecular medicine protocols.If you want further information, then join our practice and you will have access to many monographs with great details for the many natural herbs, foods and nutrients which are geared towards specific diseases and health issues.

If your interested in Orthomolecular medicine then contact us today at 808-945-5433

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