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IV Therapy

Hawaii’s original IV Therapy clinic provides advanced custom IV’s and infusion plans tailored to the specific needs of athletes, tourists, students or those suffering from dehydration, flu or stress.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)old

We are not another testosterone mill churning out TRT for every patient. We abide by stringent, industry standardized tests to provide the safest men’s wellness plan for each and every patient.

HCG Weight Loss Diet

We provide medically supervised HCG diets where your overall health is of greatest importance. Our weight loss plans may include physical examinations as well as comprehensive blood tests.

Skin Whitening Glutathione

IV Skin Whitening with Glutathione and Vitamin C synergize to whiten and lighten your skin. For significant skin whitening purchase a maintenance package.

Wellness Exam

Our Infinity Wellness Exam surpasses convention, offering a proactive, holistic, patient-first approach tailored to your unique journey towards optimal well-being.

NAD+ IV Therapy

Much of the research into NAD+ has clearly demonstrated the utility of NAD in energy production at the cellular level. Due to this and other qualities of NAD+, it can be used to gain certain health benefits.

Medical Wellness

Our Patient Goals

The primary goal of our wellness clinic is to optimize our patients health. Our core wellness services are shaped to not only improve your health, but to maintain, preserve and protect it through proactive medicine. We offer a full suite of personalized care that includes anti-aging, IV therapy, vitamin infusion, detox treatments, chelation and hormone replacement so that you can enjoy a lasting vitality as you age. Your energy & strength don’t have to decrease as you age. Discover how Infinity Life Center can help you find and preserve vibrant, long lasting health.

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Call or contact us to schedule a consultation. Online video consultations are always available as well. Medical consultations are typically complimentary.

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