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Our standard IV’s below have their own base formulas and are administered with a 500ml IV bag. All of our IV’s can be completely customized to meet your individual needs. Just inquire with our staff and they will be glad to formulate an IV that suits you best.

Cold Flu IV:

Packed with vitamin C, zinc, and immune-boosting nutrients, the Cold Flu IV helps combat infections and alleviate symptoms, promoting a quicker recovery.

Sports IV:

Loaded with electrolytes, amino acids, and B-vitamins, the Sports IV aids in hydration, muscle recovery, and energy replenishment for athletes and active individuals.

Hangover IV:

Featuring fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants like glutathione, the Hangover IV rehydrates, detoxifies, and eases hangover symptoms, allowing for a faster rebound.

Brain IV:

Formulated with nootropics, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, the Brain IV enhances cognitive function, memory, and focus while protecting brain health.

Stress IV:

Combining magnesium, B-vitamins, and adaptogens, the Stress IV supports stress management, relaxation, and overall well-being by replenishing vital nutrients.

Detox IV:

Utilizing antioxidants, amino acids, and liver-supporting compounds, the Detox IV aids the body in eliminating toxins, promoting overall detoxification and vitality.

Myers IV:

Comprising a mix of vitamins and minerals, the Myers IV boosts energy, immunity, and general wellness, making it a versatile option for various health needs.

Chelation IV:

Employing EDTA, a chelating agent, the Chelation IV removes heavy metals from the body, reducing the risk of related health issues and improving circulation.

Inflammation IV:

Containing anti-inflammatory nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and turmeric, the Inflammation IV helps reduce inflammation and ease chronic pain.


Supplying NAD+ coenzyme, the NAD+ IV supports cellular energy production, DNA repair, and longevity, offering potential anti-aging benefits.

Anti-Aging IV:

Loaded with antioxidants, collagen, and skin-rejuvenating compounds, the Anti-Aging IV promotes youthful skin, hair, and overall vitality.

Weight Loss IV:

Blending amino acids, B-vitamins, and fat-burning nutrients, the Weight Loss IV aids in metabolism, appetite control, and fat loss efforts.

Hawaii’s Original IV Therapy Center

Infinity Infusion Therapy IV Drips are all custom made for each patient, targeting their needs and treatment goals. Our advanced infusion systems allow us to formulate the absolute ideal infusion drip of vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and minerals administered in our state of the art facility. We make many custom formulations specifically tailored to the needs of athletes, individuals in high stress jobs, students taking exams, medical professionals, those fighting off a cold or simply those who want to optimize their nutrition status.

IV Therapy Prices

Our main menu of IV’s start at $175.00 and our premium IV’s start at $200.00. There are several ways to upgrade and add on to your IV Therapy which can make it more effective or multi-pronged as far as it’s applications.

We like to personalize our IV treatments to each patients needs, allowing you to add extra ingredients to suit your individual circumstances. We also offer extensive medical wellness consultations in addition to lab tests for our customers that want to go that extra mile towards true bio-hacking and health optimization.

What is IV Therapy?

IV Vitamin Nutrient Therapy Honolulu Hawaii
IV Vitamin Nutrient Therapy Honolulu Hawaii

IV Therapy starts out with a basic IV bag of either saline or potassium (lactated ringer or whats referred to as balanced fluids). These are the most common IV bags used throughout the world. The potassium type is often referred to as the banana bag. This banana bag was previously being used to treat dehydration or hangovers before we became more proactive and medically clever and began to custom build these IV drips to our individual needs. This base fluid of saline or potassium is then added to, with all different types of nutrients, vitamins, supplements and various compounds. After consulting with our patients and gathering various information (medical history, health concerns or needs, conduct labs or blood tests), we then create a customized set of these vitamins, nutrients, co-enzymes etc, and intravenously administer this freshly prepared bag of super-fluids to the patient. That’s all!

What is an IV Hydration Bar?

An IV Bar or Drip bar is a place where you can sit down and relax while you receive intravenous fluids, oftentimes custom made with vitamins, nutrients or special compounds mixed specifically for your needs. It started out as just giving people IV’s because they weren’t feeling good, they were overworked, exercised a lot, they were dehydrated or they simply had been drinking too much and had a hangover. Then it evolved into actually selling customized IV’s to individuals who weren’t necessarily feeling sick or unwell at all. These patients wanted a boost! These patients wanted an extra edge to get through the week. They wanted to be absolutely sure that they were getting the vitamins and nutrients that they may be missing or deficient in.

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