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Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale's vast experience in breast implant surgery, advanced facelift methods, reconstructive surgery and stem cell therapy, have brought him to Korea, China and Japan as one of the worlds leading authorities on plastic surgery and anti-aging. A former protégé of the famous Honolulu plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Flowers, Dr. Pasquale now enjoys his role as one of the senior board certified plastic surgeons in Hawaii.

As medical director of Kailua Dermatology, Dr. Pasquale also specializes in medical and cosmetic skin care including: the treatment of skin cancer, eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, as well as CO2 Resurfacing, SculpSure and CO2RE Intima.

Hawaii's Original IV Therapy Center was opened along with a huge suite of Wellness services in 2014. After years of offering stem cell therapy, skin whitening IV's, Glutathione and Hormone Replacement therapy, it was decided that these health & wellness services combine beautifully with our cosmetic procedures and should be part of our core products & services. We are now fully committed to this health, wellness & beauty approach where we provide

Honolulu Hawaii’s Breast Augmentation Expert

Dr. Pasquale has been performing breast surgery in Hawaii for more than 20 years. You’ll get the Hawaii's best breast implant surgery at the best price from one of the world’s foremost experts in breast augmentation. Read More

A Youthful & Natural Looking Facelift Surgery

The proof is in the face lift photo gallery by Hawaii plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Pasquale, where the emphasis is put on looking 10 years younger without the wind swept, overdone, beverly hills face lifts seen in the media. Read More

Liposuction - Lose Inches with Body Contouring

Don't be fooled by all the SmartLipo, Coolsculpt, Laser & VaserLipo marketing hype! There is simply no alternative to a skilled, board certified plastic surgeon using the proven methods of traditional Liposuction. Read More

Advanced IV Therapy

Come try Honolulu Hawaii’s original IV Therapy Treament Center. Learn how bio-hacking, IV therapy and IV vitamins can benefit your lifestyle. Get optimum rapid absorption of vitamins, nutrients and aminos with intravenous nutrient therapy. Detox, heal, strengthen & revitalize your body today!

Wellness Medicine

The primary goal of our wellness clinic is to optimize our patients health. Our core wellness services are shaped to not only improve your health, but to maintain, preserve and protect it through proactive medicine. We offer a full suite of personalized care that includes anti-aging, IV therapy, vitamin infusion, detox treatments, chelation and hormone replacement so that you can enjoy a lasting vitality as you age. Your energy & strength don't have to decrease as you age. Discover how Infinity Life Center can help you find and preserve vibrant, long lasting health.

Medical Weight Loss Injections HCG & Lipo C

The USA is the #1 ranked obese country worldwide with 109,342,839 people clinically obese. A physician supervised weight loss diet combined with HCG can dramatically help you lose weight. Read More

Skin Whitening with IV Glutathione & Vitamin C

Glutathione is a powerful & crucial anti-oxidant that promotes cellular health. This is particularly visible in your skin's health. Glutathione will lighten your skin, reduce skin pigmentation and blemishes. Read More

IV NAD+ Therapy for Anti-Aging & Addiction

NAD+, a coenzyme, exists in nearly every cell in the body. The recent discovered benefits, biohacks and uses of NAD+ are many: anti-aging, reduce anxiety & stress and drug addiction treatment. Read More

What Is Infinity LIfe Center?

Infinity Life Center is a collective of medical industry experts in plastic surgery, science based wellness medicine, anti-aging & regenerative medicine. The center is the gold standard for medical aesthetics, integrative medicine & stem cell research in the Asia Pacific region.

What began as a private plastic surgery practice more than 2 decades ago became Hawaii's first Stem Cell Treatment Center. It wasn't long after that a robust suite of Health & Wellness products and services were added to the practice in addition to Ketamine treatments for chronic depression and PTSD. We have grown to become Hawaii's only health center to offer Plastic Surgery, Stem Cell Therapy, Wellness Medicine & Ketamine clinic. Infinity Life Center is also very proud to be partnered with China at the Shanghai International Medical Center & Infinity Health Spa at Citic Zhujiajiao Jinjiang Hotel & Resort. Restoring balance and harmony to your mind & body. Find out more about Infinity International

Finance Your Surgery

Infinity Life Center accepts the CareCredit Healthcare credit card. Click on the link below to apply online now. Mininum accepted is 1000.00 purchase.

carecredit plastic surgery financing

We also accept major credit cards.

we accept credit cards


Waterfront Plaza Parking

Located in Tower 4 (near the center of the plaza) on the 4th floor.

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