Regenerative Medicine & Pain Management

Pain makes you miserable, but can have incredible and very bad effects on your health and well-being beyond discomfort. Depression may be a significant component of chronic pain as well . Certainly, you have read about the opioid crisis and addiction problems across the USA. Hawaii is no exception. At Infinity Life Center we seek to find solutions for discomfort that are non-opioid or narcotic based solutions.

Standard narcotics

Although standard narcotic pain relievers have a very important role in acute pain issues they are a real problem when it comes to chronic pains, such as knee pain, low back, neck or other chronic pains. What may start off as simple motor vehicle accident with neck sprain can evolve into a life long addiction to narcotics with little relief. We understand that cycle and at Infinity Life Center we seek to find solutions to avoid the narcotic issue on a long term basis.

Pain Specialist

Pain specialist are excellent doctors to start with if you have had no relief from standard therapies. Pain specialist many with backgrounds as anesthesiologist are very good at medication management and other modalities, even many primary care physicians may have many effective solutions as well.

Rehab doctors, physical medicine doctors, osteopaths orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors all may have an answer. Yet that solution typically should be very individualized to you. Pain management as a specialty is shared by many disciplines, the list goes to include neurosurgeons, psychologist, neurologist just to name a few more.

Infinity Life Center offerings

We at Infinity Life Center believe in overall multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain and we attempt to find the solution that works best for you. Our primary interest is in a variety of non-narcotic based solutions such as Osteopathic manual medicine, prolo therapy and anti inflammatory IV therapies. Some of the treatment modalities we do use are listed below.

Stem Cell for pain

We may use some stem cell therapies (SVF) which we have carried out since 2013 with good result in the properly chosen patients. This non FDA approved treatment is being studied world wide and some results have been quite phenomenal. This may be with or without platelet rich plasma techniques or prolo therapy.

Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine infusions appear to have potential for some patients. Many protocols for ketamine therapy are being evaluated now in our center, as well many academic institutions across the globe. This is one of the most exciting developments but again for the properly chosen patient. The main issue with Ketamine infusions there are at least 30 protocols and no one knows which is the best at this time and for what condition. Also this is a very serious drug and must be monitored by a medical team during administration with the proper equipment.

Alleviate Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the key factors that are found in pain and is a cycle that must be broken to achieve a long term result. Treatment ranges from steroids, (not the most ideal long term ) to glutathione IV therapies, none have been proven, but may be worth a try. The inflammatory process has been well studied and is prime factor in pain related issues. Massage therapies can calm inflammation down as well for example.

Anti Inflammatory IV therapy through a combination of specific nutrients, naturally occurring substances such as glutathiamine, or combinations, the idea is to calm the inflammatory process down which can reignite the pain cycle. This approach attempts to go beyond the ibuprofen, or other standard anti-inflammatory medications, Toradol and by pass by some of the side effects from long term use. It’s a bit of a trial an error to find the right combination that may work for your condition. There are those who claim great success with Vitamin C given for Shingles pain for example. Studies are slim but some of these may be worth a try as supportive therapy to more accepted treatments if they are medically supervised and safe.

Maximize your overall health

Most important is to optimize your overall health and make sure that your lifestyle, stress environment area are all evaluated. It may be a long process, but one that may be worth the effort to relieve your chronic pain issues without narcotics.

We are very selective in who we treat and may refer you other specialist in the surgical discipline or medical disciplines including a clinical psychologist who specializes in behavioral training or acupuncturist. We have one goal in mind to do what is best for you and our solutions may not be for you.