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Individualized Optimal Care

One thing you will notice at your first visit is the extensive interview which delves into detailed information regarding your lifestyle and health conditions. It may even seem strange to be asked so many questions about things which do not appear to be related to why you came to visit, but here at Infinity we believe that in order to truly provide the best care, we need to treat the whole person and not just the symptom or problem that brought you through our doors. This is all in keeping with our philosophy of optimizing your total wellbeing.

Multi-Specialty Approach

The Infinity Life Center is one of our center with comprehensive services ranging from nutritional assessment, detox, IV nutrition, plastic surgery, and medical skin care all available under one roof. It is by combining all of these specialties and collaborating with physicians including board certified plastic surgeons, integrated medical specialists, anti-aging doctors, and dermatologic specialists that we ensure the best our industry can offer using our multi-specialty, multi-consultant approach. Our network of consultants is global and international as are our consulting staff and physicians, many of whom hail from Japan, China, Korea and Europe, as well as the USA. Our goal is simply to help you optimize your inner health and outer appearance in an environment of luxury and comfort.
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