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Experience Comprehensive Healthcare with the Infinity Wellness Exam

What does “wellness” mean to you? Beyond the routine annual check-up, wellness is about personalized healthcare that fits your specific needs. At Infinity Life Center, we’re setting a new benchmark, even when many insurance providers are narrowing down choices for the sake of costs.

Achieve Ultimate Well-Being with Our Holistic Approach

We place you—the patient—at the center of our services. Unlike typical providers, our holistic health approach includes diverse tests and screenings, from cutting-edge cancer blood tests and genetic profiling to athletic performance evaluations, ensuring you receive the best care tailored to your lifestyle.

Personalized Healthcare: Designed for You

In your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your ideal Infinity Wellness Exam. Whether you’re an athlete eyeing performance enhancement or seeking thorough health screenings, our offerings are flexible in both services and pricing, catering to every budget.

Clear Pricing for Transparent Healthcare:

Consultation & Follow-Up: $350.00

Your fee covers your initial check-up and the necessary admin time for our doctors to schedule your tests. Once your tests are finalized, we’ll have a follow-up session to discuss the results and your future healthcare strategy, inclusive of a complimentary skin cancer examination.

Diverse Testing & Specialist Consultations: Costs Vary

Select from diverse options: lab tests, X-rays, and specialist insights in areas like gastroenterology and ENT. Costs vary based on multiple factors, explained comprehensively during your visit.

Featured Test: Opt for our detailed cancer screening blood test, identifying up to 40 cancer variants, priced around $1,200.

Why Choose the Infinity Wellness Exam?

Our Infinity Wellness Exam sets the gold standard in personalized healthcare. While there are numerous definitions of “wellness exams” online, our model is the most in-depth and adaptable, with zero compromise on quality.

Are you set to redefine your health journey? Schedule your Infinity Wellness Exam now. Contact us or book an appointment online. We’re eager to be your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled health and well-being!

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