Integrative Medicine Explained

Integrative medicine is an approach to health care not only for the absence of disease, but to optimize and maximize health and enjoyment of life. It is the attitude of the healer to bring all that they can from all the medical and scientific disciplines together for the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of being human to a maximized state of health.

Integrative in our vision of health care

We are integrative in our vision so that you are not simply an ear infection or a lung cancer or painful joint. We at the Infinity Life Center purposefully bring together multiple disciplines under one roof so that our help can come from many different perspectives.

One size does not fit all. You are unique in your needs, your health and what will work for you. Therefore, your treatments need to be as unique as you are beyond the standard medical treatments that are regimented for all. Your genetic profile determines even what drugs work for you and not others for example. That is science based integrative medicine.

COPD is a chronic disease of the lungs which make life completely miserable for the affected. Of course standard treatment is to stop smoking, perhaps bronchial dilators or standard does of steroids or other medications. This standard treatment may even clear 75% of the problem associated with COPD.

Yet what about the other 25% of your life?

Enhanced Health

Can that improvement be enhanced as well. Perhaps it can be improved another 5%, 10% or even obtain close to normal again. . One simply must try and find those nontraditional or unique treatments which may add to your standardized well accepted medical treatments. The integrative health provider would have to weigh the benefits verses the risk and be willing to try with you. These treatments are not to replace your regular doctor, but supplement standardized care.

In this example, there is some evidence in the literature that inhaling glutathione a powerful antioxidant and membrane stabilizer may help with COPD. Not a standard treatment but so far there have never been reported any complications. Perhaps adding the benefit of hormone therapy or nutrition will further kick up the sufferer another 15%. We have seen this and we do all we can to try and take the extra step with our patients. There is early evidence that stem cell therapy as well can help those with COPD.

It’s a matter of willing to try on both the health care provider and patients part. Insurance in most cases will not help with nonstandard therapies but some are very affordable.

All of this typically falls under the heading of Integrated medicine ranging from natural methods such a herbs, IV therapeutic vitamins or even manual medical techniques such as osteopathic manual therapy , acupuncture and the like.

We at the Infinity Life Center use Integrative Medicine to maximize your health, beauty and life. We are not here to replace your regular doctor or specialist, but to try and enhance what they have done for you to optimize your health and well being.