Lip Injections Honolulu Hawaii


Lip Injections Honolulu Hawaii

Have you ever wanted full and luscious lips? The physicians and staff at Infinity Life Center can help you through the process and answer your questions and concerns. All injections are performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. Our expert Dr.Pasquale has over 15 years of experience in enhancing the lips with fillers and fat transfer.

Experience counts for lip injections.

Lip injections are not simply blowing up the lips to increase the size, almost any medical practioner can do this and we are seeing and increase in "injectors" all claiming to be experts. We at the Infinity Life Center do not simply fill up your lips and send you on your way. We take the artistic approach and take carefull consideration of your desires and concerns.

Upper or lower lip fullness ?

If you want a full upper lip properly shaped or lower lip poutyness, this will be up to you. Perhaps you would like both lips to be enhanced. The important aspect is to balance the lips with the face and the look you want to achieve. This takes an artist eye and technical understanding of facial anatomy with respect to cosmetic enhancement. Balance and symetry are achieved for a good result by our doctors.

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What are lip injections?

Lip injections or lip augmentation is generally done using a dermal filler or hyaluronic acid such as Restylane, Belotero or Juvederm. The injections are intended to plump up the lips adding structure, shape and volume to the lips. The effect can be fairly dramatic for individuals with very narrow, thin lips.

Do lip injections hurt?

Most of these products already contain a pain killer such as lidocaine, therefore no other injections are required to numb the lips first. It's a fairly painless process. Normally ice is used to numb the lips before and after the initial injectionswhich makes the procedure very comfortable.

Who does the lip injection?

All injections at Infinity Life Center are performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. You can go almost anywhere else to get lip injections or botox and your procedure will be done by a nurse, spa employee or some other type of doctor. The difference is obviously great. Is your face something you want to trust just anyone with? Wouldn't you rather have a board certified plastic surgeon with 2 decades of experience doing this?

How long does the lip injection procedure take?

The procedure takes very little time, usually less than an hour. After initial consultation and paper work, the patients lips are numbed with ice. The actual injections themselves take around 20 minutes depending on the amount of filler and the desired result.

How long do lip injections last?

Although the results are not permanent they do last a long time - usually 6-8 months. However we do have more permanent procedures with using your own fat or synthetic implants.

How will I look and feel after the injections?

Some swelling is expected after the injections which may persist for the next few days or possibly a week. As with any medical procedure, every patient's body reacts a little differently. Some patients bruise or swell much more than others. Most patients experience no bruising or pain after the lip injection procedure. The lips usually show their final result after 4 or 5 days when the swelling has gone down completely.

Finance Your Surgery

Infinity Life Center accepts the CareCredit Healthcare credit card. Click on the link below to apply online now. Mininum accepted is 1000.00 purchase.

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We also accept major credit cards.

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