Plastic Surgery

Many times it is unspoken, but has been studied over and over. Initial success does depend on appearance. Many of us are taught that “its what is on the inside that counts” and that may be true in the long run, but first impressions do count. Perhaps this counts more than it should, but that is today's reality for success. Appearance can make all the difference if the person gets a job, a desirable mate or makes a sale or closes a deal. Looks do make a difference like it or not. It’s a competitive world not of our design but is the reality.

When people meet, this initial contact has been studied at major universities with the use of eye tracking technology and recordings. These and similar studies have shown that eyes focus on the more attractive person, people perceive them as successful, rather than the unattractive. Dilation of the pupils show this as do the eye movements. Many of these studies come from prestigious American universities such as M.I.T. This is an indisputable and well established scientific fact.

A strong chin in a male denotes strength. Tired eyes show stress even if one does not feel that way. A curvy figure in the female indicates desirable feminine characteristics. Many times overweight people are perceived as lazy though they may be the hardest workers around. Unfortunately genetics determines your appearance, yet today these can be corrected through plastic surgery. So why not change what you feel is needed and be who you want to be. Today plastic surgery is safe and affordable.

Our Plastic Surgery Hawaii at Infinity Life Centers is some of the best the world offers. We recognize that to be a successful executive or simply to be be seen as a winner your outer appearance and the health you project may determine how others perceive you. Our doctors, surgeons and staff know and understand this and will work with you to optimize your outer appearance and inner health. That is what we do with our team of plastic surgeons, wellness physicians, nutritionist, skin care specialist, lifestyle and exercise coaches. We help bring out the best in you.

VIP Plastic Surgery Privacy in Hawaii

Our Hawaii facility for plastic surgery is state of the art, all with your privacy in mind. It is designed with two private elevators so you may have your procedure and leave without any one even aware you were there. Our VIP exit for high profile patients was designed for complete confidentiality. You have to see it believe such a facility is here.

Contact us so we can discuss the options available through plastic surgery to aide you in your quest for success.

Finance Your Surgery

Infinity Life Center accepts the CareCredit Healthcare credit card. Click on the link below to apply online now. Mininum accepted is 1000.00 purchase.

carecredit plastic surgery financing

We also accept major credit cards.

we accept credit cards


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Located in Tower 4 (near the center of the plaza) on the 4th floor.

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