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Dr. Michael Pasquale our Chief Plastic Surgeon is one of the most experienced breast implant surgeons in the state of Hawaii and Internationally. As a teacher of various techniques from Europe to Asia including China, Japan and Korea he is called upon by other surgeons for advice and consultations. After 1000's of satisified patients and 30 years of performing the procedure he is also well known for correcting botched breast implant surgery. Consultations are easy and without charge for these cosmetic procedures.

Breast Implant Surgery Honolulu Hawaii

Breast implants surgery or augmentation mammaplasty is the process of inserting an implant (saline or silicone gel filled), or transferring fat to a surgically formed pocket in the breast in order to increase size & volume, improve symmetry or reconstruct lost breast tissue. A typical breast implants procedure is performed with the patient under anesthesia and normally takes 1-2 hours to complete.

Breast implants surgery has become a very safe and effective surgery over the past decades. The unquestionable safety of modern breast implants coupled with the ability of surgeons to create a pocket and insert breast implants through very small incisions has combined to make breast augmentation surgery a fairly straightforward procedure.

Breast Implants Incision Sites

Breast implant surgery can be performed through several different incision sites. Each incision or approach has its pros and cons. Its important to understand not all surgeons are able to perform breast implant surgery proficiently using each approach.


This incision site is easy to conceal as it appears on the already darkened tissue of the areola or nipple which easily hides the scar. The incision is generally no longer than an inch long. There is increased potential for damage to milk ducts which can cause difficulty breast feeding.


This incision is in the armpit and the creases hide the incision very well. The incision is generally no longer than an inch long. Surgeons may or may not use an endoscope to perform this surgery depending on experience.


This incision is the easiest to perform as it is directly underneath the breast in the natural fold. The incision is more difficult to conceal and scars are often visible in this area. Breast feeding problems are less probable with inframammary incisions.


This incision is made in the belly button which conceals the scar far from the breast. This type of approach garnered popularity more so as a fad as opposed to a scientifically viable option. Transumbilical breast implant surgery is generally not recommended to patients.

Breast Implants Recovery

Upon completion of the breast implants surgery the patient will wake up with dressings and their breasts wrapped. Patients are kept under observation in recovery for the next 2 hours after which they are allowed to go home. Patients are given pain medication and instructions about how to care for their breasts. All surgery patients are given appointments to see the plastic surgeon the following day of surgery to ensure everything is going perfectly. Patients are also given specific instructions in regards to their particular incision sites and wearing of a breast band.

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