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Breast Reduction is also known as reduction mammoplasty. Breast reduction is an outpatient surgery to decrease the size and shape of the breasts. Women (or men-see gynecomastia surgery) with excessively large breasts who experience physical pain and discomfort should consider breast reduction surgery as a solution.

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What is the Difference Between Breast Lift & Breast Reduction Surgery?

Many patients confuse breast reduction and breast lift surgery as the two surgeries are very similar. Breast lift surgery merely lifts and improves the shape of the breast. A breast lift doesnt necessarily seek to change the "size" of the breasts. A breast reduction lifts the breast and also changes the size. Breast reduction is primarily a solution to problems associated with the size of the breasts aiming to reduce or eliminate problems with posture, back or neck pains, bra strap pain, excessive sweating or discomfort during sporting activities. This is accomplished by surgically removing excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts.

Depending on the size and shape of the breasts to be reduced, the specific technique differs. Our surgeons evaluate the patient very closely several times before the surgery to make the correct determinations as to the breast reduction method chosen. The different methods depend on the size of the breasts, ptosis and the amount of reduction planned or desired. The different breast reduction methods are similar to breast lift surgery and the amount of scarring is greater with some methods compared to others.

  • Breast Reduction Costs

    The cost for breast reduction at Infinity Life Center ranges from $6,000.00 - $14,000 depending on the size of the patients breasts, the patients current health and medical history and the type of breast reduction required to achieve the desired results. The length and difficulty of breast reduction surgery can be drastically different depending on the patient and method of breast reduction.

    Our price ranges include the surgeons fees, the anesthesia and OR fees. Most plastic surgeons can only suggest or estimate a general cost for a given plastic surgery procedure as there are so many variables and unknown factors without seeing and evaluating a patient. Its always best to consult an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you comprehensively in order to obtain an accurate price for a breast reduction.

  • Breast Reduction Types & Incisions

    The most common breast reduction methods or incisions are:

    Wise, Anchor Breast Reduction

    An incision is made around the areola extending vertically down to the breast fold. The incision then continues horizontally along the breast crease in the shape of an anchor. This type of breast reduction is used to reduce moderate to extremely large breasts where a significant amount of breast tissue must be removed. This type of breast reduction results in the most scarring compared to the other methods but in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon the scarring can be greatly minimized.

    Lolipop, Keyhole, Inverted "T" Breast Reduction

    The lolipop breast reduction begins with an incision around the areola which extends vertically down the front of the breast to the breast fold. No horizontal breast crease incision is required for this type of reduction method. This is the most popular and widely used breast reduction procedure employed as most patients dont require extensive breast tissue removal. This type of reduction results in less scarring than the anchor incision yet still allows for significant amounts of breast reshaping.

    Liposuction Breast Reduction

    This method is best used for patients who may have some medical aversions to anesthesia, whereas the liposuction can be performed under local anesthetic or sedation without extended anesthesia (putting the patient to sleep). This breast reduction type is best for patients with good skin elasticity and the least amount of ptosis.

  • Breast Reduction Risks

    Breast reduction surgery carries the same risks as major surgery of any type such as: negative reactions to anesthesia, blood loss or infection. Beyond these general risks breast reduction complications may include: loss of sensation around the nipples or inability to breast feed, uneven or asymmetrical breasts requiring revisional surgery, excessive scarring, slow healing, tissue death or necrosis. The risks of infection normally increases as the amount of tissue removal increases.

  • Breast Reduction Recovery

    Recovery of breast reduction surgery is a similar process to many outpatient cosmetic surgery procedures at our clinic. Its very important that you follow the instructions given to you by the surgeon and the clinical staff after your surgery is completed. Upon completion of breast reduction you will be awakened from anesthesia. Your incisions are dressed individually and your breasts are wrapped with bandages. All patients are kept under close observation by our registered nurses immediately proceeding their surgery in our recovery area. You will be given pain medication while your vital signs are closely monitored. The plastic surgeon will typically clear you to be discharged after 2 hours in recovery. Breast reduction patients are instructed to have someone pick them up and drive them home as well as help to take care of and monitor overnight until their first post operative visit the next day where the surgeon will give you a full check up to evaluate your recovery.

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