Fat Transfer Combined with Facelift

A face lift alone is not always the solution for the improvement of one’s aging facial features. Over the years, the skin will lose its elasticity as well as some fat that helps keep a face looking young and healthy. Particular areas of the face have natural areas of fat that gives a person a much younger, fresher look, this can be lost with age. Because of this, some people with sagging, sunken in skin may consider a fat transfer combined with face lift.

facelift conmbined with fat transfer

The skin is dissected from the underlying tissue and the muscles are tightened if necessary. The skin of the face is redraped and excess skin is cut off. The incision line is sutured back into position with a smoother face as a result. The same procedure is done on the other side of the face so the two sides basically match each other.

Fat Transfer to face

The surgery usually begins with a small amount of liposuction. The fat cells are sucked out of a body area, such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and hip area. The cells are then processed to eliminate the broken fat cells, connective tissue and red blood cells. The remaining fat cells are buttery yellow and are loaded into a syringe, and strategically placed to rejuvinate and fill the face to make a younger, healthier look.

In fat transfer combined with face lift, many small boluses of fat are placed in several areas of the cheeks or other parts of the face that need it until the areas are plumped out and look good. The fat transfer will fill the face in select places, however recovery will vary from person to person. Some people will require some retouching and addition to the face in a later procedure.

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