Otoplasty Ear Pinning

At the Infinity Life Center we see patients who many times have ears which are sticking out. These patients seem to suffer much of their life with some embarrassment. There is no need to suffer as there is a technique called otoplasty. This cosmetic technique is used to reform the ears.

Ear Pinning

Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning (or ear shaping with plastic surgery) brings the ears back close to the head or reshapes the ears. This improves the appearance of the ear, face, and head.

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Otoplasty Incisions

The doctor can reshape the ears if they are too far sticking out. This is done through an invisible incision behind the ear so there is no visible scar. This is a simple procedure which can be done as an outpatient. You do not need to go to sleep or have general anesthesia.

Occasionally we see patients who only need one ear done for otoplasty. The ear can be reshaped to match the other ear in many cases.

Otoplasy Recovery

For recovery, all you need to do is wear a head band much like the one skiers wear for one week. In otoplasty, there are typically no stitches to remove and usually you can go back to work in a day or so.

Otoplasty Cost

The cost of otoplasty is reasonable but will depend on how much time will be needed and other considerations. The cost factors you will find will depend on the expertise and experience of your surgeon and type of anesthesia. We at the infinity life center charge average price of 3500.00 with local anesthesia. Some discounts may apply and in case of general anesthesia the cost may be more.

Finance Your Surgery

Infinity Life Center accepts the CareCredit Healthcare credit card. Click on the link below to apply online now. Mininum accepted is 1000.00 purchase.

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We also accept major credit cards.

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